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Bulk Order Terms and Conditions

1. All CILI products are to be sold at the retail price set forth by the company. Purchaser/Member
may sell products for more than the pre-set retail price but not lower. Advertising, displaying
and/or selling CILI products below the minimum pre-set retail price will result in immediate

Minimum Retail Prices
Swish - $72.50
Sprays - $25.00

2. NO REFUNDS or RETURNS. Based on the time and expense associated with Bulk Orders, all
sales are final and cannot be returned or refunded for any reason. CILI By Design will not
accept bulk order products back for exchange or credit.

3. Because of the discounted pricing there are no Personal Sales Bonuses paid on Bulk Orders.

4. Shipping costs are paid by the member and are not included in Bulk Order pricing. Bulk Orders
may take up to 7 - 10 business days to ship once the order is completed.

5. CILI By Design products may be sold in businesses that are service oriented, and approved
online sites, however products may NOT be sold in any type of retail store. Examples of service
business are; spas, hair salons, nail salons, tanning salons, doctor, dentist, and chiropractor
offices, fitness centers, gyms, yoga studios, massage and physical therapist business, coffee
shop, smoothie shops etc.

6. Members purchasing Bulk Orders are required complete a questionnaire to validate they have
the professional business/sale experience and a viable plan to sell the number of products
they are ordering. Additionally, purchasing member is required to sign a CILI By Design Bulk
Order Agreement each time they purchase. The Bulk Order Agreement simply states that
member understands and agrees with these Bulk Order Terms and Conditions, and the CILI By
Design policies & procedures (link below, and in each member’s CILI By Design back office)

7. CILI BY DESIGN must approve ALL order placements in Binary and Sponsor Trees. Manipulation
of the CILI Prosperity Plan is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and is grounds for termination.

8. Shipping discrepancies and shortages for bulk orders must be reported in writing using the
CILI Support tab in the members back office within 5 days of delivery. Freight damage must
be reported to and is the responsibility of the carrier.